National youth HIV & AIDS awareness day

National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

In honor of National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day, we need to reflect on the advances youngsters themselves have made in the combat against HIV.

Youth & HIV/AIDS Today

  • Over 75,000 younger humans (ages from 13 to 24 years) are living with HIV inside the U.S.
  • Nearly 1,000 new instances arise each month.
  • About half of the young humans living with HIV are not aware they have it.
  • Only 13% of young humans living with HIV are receiving enough treatment to suppress the virus—the bottom percentage for any age organization.
  • About eight in 10 new cases of HIV in younger people arise among youth.

National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

Today’s younger people are the first generation who’ve never known a globe without HIV and AIDS. In America, more than 1 in five new HIV prognosis are younger human beings among 13 and 24 years. At the ending of 2016 round fifty-one percent of adolescents residing with HIV have been unaware that they had HIV. Gay and bisexual males accounted for most new HIV prognosis among kids in 2015; of newly diagnosed adult males fifty-four percentage had been black, 25 percentage Hispanic/Latino and sixteen percent were white. Youth with HIV are the least likely to be connected to care of any age.

Since 2013, National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day (NYHAAD) has been honored on April 10 throughout the USA in high colleges, schools, church buildings etc. NYHAAD is a big step toward know-how and spreading the phrase around about the problem of HIV/AIDS among young human beings and celebrating the efforts that they put in preventing this conflict against HIV.

10% of all high college students tested for HIV.

If you have got HIV or AIDS, it influences your existence 12 months a year. But for people and groups focused on HIV- and AIDS-related fundraising and focus efforts, sure dates stand out.

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