national senior health & fitness day

National Senior Health and Fitness Day

National Senior Health and Fitness Day take place on the last Wednesday of May and this year it occurs on Wednesday the 25th. It is a day dedicated to helping seniors stay active and healthy as they get older. This event is monitored and overseen by numerous organizations around America, that aim to spread the word about the importance of taking care of your seniors in a more appropriate manner. Neighborhood events are often organized at local parks and gyms so that fellow members of the community can join together to share positive vibes with regard to how people can easily get started. If you or someone you know within certain communities doesn’t know where they can find these local events, they can usually find out by looking at their local newspaper or contacting the mayor’s office in a reliable way which will often keep them updated with all events occurring throughout their general area of residence/work, etc…

This day is celebrated on the last Wednesday of May, this year on May 25. NASA will be celebrating National Senior Health & Fitness Day by providing educational support for people who are aging in place through its centers nationwide.

This day is celebrated in over 1,200 locations worldwide and features an array of health programs that are ideal for older adults and seniors. Educational workshops, group exercises, walking tours, health fairs, and more aim to help people of all ages live healthy life. From Mature Market Resource Center (MMRC) to senior centers and recreation centers, local organizations team with other health-conscious businesses and professionals to provide fun programming for baby boomers.

National Senior Health and Fitness Day are celebrated at over one thousand locations including senior centers, recreation centers, hospitals, health clubs, health departments, retirement communities, and more. Local health and senior organizations organize these programs with the help, guidance, and aid of the Mature Market Resource Center team. Popular programs held at such events include group exercises, walking tours of local neighborhoods and parks, health fairs to provide information about bone strength specialists in your area as well as other services important for seniors living in their own homes like first aid courses or home safety lectures.

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