benefits of running

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Benefits of running

  • When a person runs or start doing any physical activity the body’s muscles demand for oxygen increases so heart pumps more and more blood to meet the requirement.
  • The blood flow to the brain also increases, part of the brain known as hippocampus is involved in memory and learning, running proves to be beneficial in active working of this part of brain.
  • Glucose is required by the brain to actively perform its function because it cannot utilize any other substance.
  • Running improves the flow of blood to the brain hence nutrient (Glucose) supply to brain increases which proves beneficial in treating anxiety or depression.
  • By exercising regularly the white blood cells and antibodies responsible for healthy immune system boost up hence helps in fighting any foreign particle attacking on the body.
  • While doing exercise the temperature of body increases which inhibits the multiplying process of bacteria so the chances of infection reduces.
  • Running promotes the release of important hormones (known as endorphins and encephalin) that have natural pain killing effects, this proves to be a mood booster and enhance the feeling of happiness
  • These hormones also makes the body calm so promotes good sleep by reducing stress or anxiety level.
  • While running the body (legs) moves backward and forward in this way the muscles contract and the blood flow towards the muscles increases in order to meet the requirement.
  • This results in muscles strengthening and healthy development of bones.
  • Running reduces the release of various inflammatory substances hence lowers the risk of cancer.
  • While running full body muscles are actively involved hence it helps to strengthen the muscles by increasing overall circulation, burn excess calories and ultimately helps to lose weight.

Running Pattern

  • In 24 hours about 30 minutes running is necessary. Schedule out running program at alternate days.
  • When your body gets used to it than either increase the time duration or make the schedule daily with same 30 minutes timing.
  • If you feel exhausted during running or shortness of breath occurs then stop it immediately or take a break, drink water, normalize yourself and then start it again.

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