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In this particular document and throughout the website:

  • “We”, “Our”, “Us” implies to this website.
  • “You”, “Your” implies to the users of the website
  • “Services” implies to the services and offers we provide to our users.
  • “Company”, “system” implies to this website and the entities (third-party partners) related to this website;


By agreeing to utilize our services and signing up on our website, you utilize all the services for your personal/ non-commercial use.

All of the services are customized according to the user’s needs and can’t be shared/ divided for any user/ group of users. The services are customized for individual use and can’t be changed in any case. If you need a change in the services, please refer to our customer department.

The services of this website are planned/ designed to provide the best user experience to the users of the website.


Please note that the company is not responsible for any transaction you make to acquire the services of the company. Transactions are your personal matter. To purchase our services, you will have to pay the asked amount of money except if otherwise. However, the company will not take any responsibility of any transaction that you choose to make.

Personal data:

To provide our services to you, we might ask for some personal data of the users. The security of your data is our primary concern and no data is revealed/ exposed to any other entity without the knowledge of the user. The data will not be used anywhere else.

Our website doesn’t sell any personal information/ data.

Sign up:

To use the services of this website, you have to sign up with our website. To sign up, you need to make an account by entering a username and password.

To prevent any security breach that can take place, you need to save and remember your password all the times. Don’t share your password with anyone in any case. The website will not be held liable in case your password is exposed to and used by an unauthorized entity/ user.


We follow every possible way to ensure maximum security of our users. However, in case of any hack, the company will not be held responsible for exposing any user’s personal information. We try to provide the best security measures, however, cannot guarantee 100% security.

Third-party partners:

Every third-party website or partner linked to our website is completely authentic. We guarantee that none of your personal data/ information is shared with any third party website. However, we don’t guarantee the security of the data that you provide or may have provided at any third party website.

Information About Health Service Provider

WebDoc does not own and does not warranty the ownership of any data, information, or profile of any business partner, health service provider, third party owners, or any other entity associated with the business. All the information about the third party business partners and registered health service providers is provided by the relevant data owners. We are not liable and legally authorized to provide you with any information or any data associated to or uploaded by any third party business entity, our business partners, and registered health service providers.

We are liable to change these terms and conditions anytime without prior notice to the users. In order to learn more about the privacy policy of the website, please refer to the privacy policy page.

Please visit FAQs page to clear any doubts/ queries. These terms and conditions will be in effect immediately after you create your user account. In order to use the services of this website, you need to agree to these terms and conditions. You are bound to follow these terms at all times during your stay on this site to ensure maximum protection of your personal data and user experience.

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