WebDoc Health Services

Your health is our priority. Get a customized micro-insurance plan to take care of your medical needs.

WebDoc Health Service is an annually subscribed health insurance product that provides medical assistance to you and your family. For as low as Rs. 1000, WHS provides unlimited access and consultation with PMDC certified Doctors and an Insurance of In-patient cover. In case of eligibility, you can claim up to PKR 35,250 including ambulance charges.

Get your plan to learn the terms and conditions of our extensive micro insurance plans. We are the biggest telehealth and online medical services provider in Pakistan and serve our customers with pride and deliverance.

Disclaimer: The insurance policy is underwritten by our insurance partners who are licensed to provide insurance policies.

Khushal Zindagi

Pakistan’s 70% population belongs to the rural areas with no access to healthcare and insurance. The financially excluded citizens has now an offer to get Rs. 5000 in patient cover for an amazing price of Rs. 2 Per day. We have created this product to help and empower the financially excluded citizens for covering their financial differences for health. Khushal Zindagi serves a major percentage of population of Pakistan. The service is accessible to rural as well as urban areas of the country.

Specials investigations and tests like MRI, X-rays, and blood tests etc. are also covered within the policy.

Disclaimer: The insurance policy is underwritten by our insurance partners who are licensed to provide insurance policies.

Khushal Zindagi
Khushal Kashtkari

Khushal Kashtkar

Your plants and crops require special treatment. WebDoc is offering advanced services in plant pathology, soil treatment and management, and crops management. Get free consultation and improve the quality of your plants, crops, and soil.

Pakistan is an agri based country. The major portion of our GDP comes from the agriculture industry. We have professionally trained and skilled plant pathologists and agri experts who have an in-depth knowledge of plant analogy. They understand the composition of soil and provide satisfactory services with a modern approach and most affordable rates. Our plant healthcare services are beneficial for land owners, farmers, and people associated with agriculture industry. Webdoc offers unlimited access to Agri experts for as low as Rs. 8 per week.

Khushal Sehat

Connect to a PMDC registered doctor anywhere, anytime. Get nationwide online and offline medical and healthcare services. Consult the doctor for a routine medical checkup and keep a check on your health.

Khushal Sehat brings together the most innovative medical solution for patients. We have an extensive network of over 50 doctors that provide free consultation nationwide (terms and conditions apply.

As a mission to empower the people of Pakistan, WebDoc offers KS services for as low as Rs. 8 per week. This service also enables you and your family to have an unlimited access to PMDC certified doctors for an entire week.

Khushal sehat
Khushal Maweshi

Khushal Maveshi

State of the art veterinary healthcare services for everyone. Get affordable vet medical services and keep your pets and animals healthy. Livestock industry is one of the major industries of the country. Animals are a source of income for a significant percentage of people in Pakistan.

Give your livestock the care they deserve and get our veterinary healthcare services at the price of a phone call. Consult experienced, professional, and registered veterinary doctors.

With in-depth knowledge and experience, our Vet doctors know the anatomy of animals and provide services suitable for everyone. With innovative livestock healthcare solutions, Khushal Maveshi is a modern approach to eradicate diseases and contribute to the livestock industry. Get KM services for as low as Rs. 8 per week and get unlimited access to Vet Doctors.