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Sehat Salamti Health Insurance



WEBDOC and JazzCash bring “Sehat Salamti Health Insurance,” an innovative health insurance facility for our customers and their families.

This coverage addresses the financial needs for health coverage for you and provides unlimited access to online doctors for your family. You can easily purchase this insurance plan using your JazzCash mobile account instantly.

With this hassle-free and simple service, customers will not have to go through time-consuming documentation processes, carry health insurance cards, or seek permission before treatment.

Product Features:

  • Risk Protection: The product offers a financial safety net to customers against the costs of hospitalization.
  • Call A DOC: A service that provides free telephonic consultation with a professional doctor. Registered customers’ family members can also call for telephonic consultation.
  • Fluent Process: The paperless enrollment process allows for enrollment in just a few minutes. No medical examinations are required for enrollment.

Product Details

JazzCash, in partnership with WEBDOC Pakistan, brings Sehat Salamti Health Insurance, which provide complete freedom in managing health-related risks. This new feature eliminates the need for customers to visit doctors in-person and provides unlimited free voice and video calls. With Sehat Salamti Health Insurance, managing your health has never been more convenient and stress-free.

Product Benefits:

  • Financial protection in case of hospitalization
  • Coverage for customer and Free online consultation for entire family
  • No condition on panel hospitals
  • Generous cash benefit amounts
  • Simplified coverages tailored as per your needs.
  • Instant claims processing through digital medium

Premium Mode:

Annual Premium

PKR 1,499

Monthly Premium

PKR 125

Daily Premium



Rs. 1,499

Coverage Period




Hospitalization – Maximum Annual Limit

Rs. 200,000

Per Connement

up to the Limit

Co-payment (in case of Treatment at a Non-Panel Hospital

100% re-imbursement

Special Investigation Coverage

up to Rs. 30,000

Unlimited Doctors Services over the phone, Voice, and Video for FAMILY


Room and board General ward daily limit

up to Rs. 7,000

Accidental Hospitalization Coverage

Additional Rs. 20,000

Ambulance Maximum

Rs. 1,000

MRI, CT scan, Endoscopy, Angiography, Thallium Scan


(During hospitalization only)

Dialysis (if recommended by doctor), Kidney Stone


(During hospitalization only)

Cataract Surgery, Treatment of fracture PEC

Not Covered

Pre-Existing Conditions (PEC)

Not covered

  • Claims will be calculated according to the normal charges of the hospital in the city where the claimant reside.
  • The maximum limit for surgeon fees is Rs. 10,000/- in the case of surgical procedures. Other charges such as anesthesia and operation room charges will be calculated at standard rates.
  • In case of a disease related to fever, claimants must provide a PCR/corona report.
  • Nursing charges are not payable.
  • Medicines upon discharge are not covered.
  • Food charges are excluded.
  • A 7-day waiting period is applied.
  • Hospitalization counts after admission and overnight stay for more than 24 hours.
  • Cosmetic surgeries, Dental care or any other surgeries pertaining to skin care is not covered.
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered.
  • The policy is underwritten by our underwriting partners. All other general terms and conditions of Health insurance coverage applies.