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Doctor in your pocket

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of our business practice in today’s modern age. Our country can benefit immensely from CSR activities, and for that very reason, Webdoc engages in multiple CSR initiatives that help uplift the economy.

It positively impacts households in Pakistan that are not able to access medical aid and treatments. Our partnerships and CSR collaborations help us reach out to people in need and finance the medical bills that help them live longer and healthier lives.

Our Approach to CSR

Through our CSR initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact on society while also fostering a positive brand image. At Webdoc, we are committed to making a difference in people’s lives, specifically, those requiring medical assistance and treatment but who cannot afford it.

Our aim is to make access to medical facilities as easier as possible so that people can lead healthy lives without worrying about finances and rising inflation. Webdoc engages in several activities that make access to medical consultation and treatments easier and more convenient.

Our Commitment To Finance The Needy

One of the things we have identified repeatedly through our business initiatives is the lack of medical facilities and access to them throughout Pakistan. Households in larger and well developed cities and areas are at a higher advantage of receiving medical aid, but people in rural Pakistan still struggle for basic medical facilities.

At Webdoc, we recognize the importance of providing financial assistance to those needing medical treatments and making access to medical facilities easier.

As part of our CSR initiatives and as a commitment towards the betterment of our people, we have partnered with several hospitals and medical institutions to not only provide financial assistance for medical bills but also make health consultations easier.

It is quite a hassle for people to book an appointment in person and wait for hours to see a physician. We are striving to make things easier and well-streamlined for everyone to access health facilities with one click. Our commitment is not just to provide financial assistance but ensure that individuals have access to quality treatments regardless of their financial circumstances.

Partnering With Hospitals and Medical Facilities

To date, Webdoc has facilitated and helped countless people with financing their medical bills as part of our CSR activities. We have a streamlined process wherein we verify individuals on select criteria and process their medical claims free of cost.

We first-hand experience how needy people are for medical financing and how it helps them to seek medical assistance, which otherwise they would keep delaying due to lack of financing. Partnering with hospitals and medical facilities is another important aspect of financing medical bills for those in need.

Webdoc has established partnerships with several hospitals and medical institutions to identify individuals who require financial assistance. Through these partnerships, we provide funding for medical bills, sponsor medical camps and health checkups, and contribute towards other healthrelated activities. We believe that by working together with medical institutions and hospitals, we can make a great impact on the community.